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Who Are We?

Run It Up Media is a Digital Marketing Agency based in the South West. We are experts in Web Design, SEO, Paid Search Marketing (PPC) and Social Media Management. With over 17 years of knowledge and experience in this industry, we know what it takes to design you a website that ranks well in the major search engines, and ultimately drive you more sales online.

The beginning.

Run It Up Media started out as two friends in the military. Working in a very technical and high pressured role in the day, we used our evenings to relax and rank websites for the sheer hell of it. When we realised we had delved deep into the Internet Marketing sphere, we decided to pursue our love for all things digital and set up Run It Up Media. Since then we have begun growing into a thriving digital agency. We pride ourselves on being professional, punctual and and at the forefront of all digital trends across the web marketing world.

Why Us Then?

As previously stated we are all about professionalism, if we tell you something we will deliver. We have some of the best contacts in the game so if we can’t help you ( very unlikely ) we will have a list of people that can! Unlike most agencies we only take on clients we know we can help and have a real feel for their business and industries. We work alongside our clients making sure they get the fastest results possible while we build our working relationship.

Local Knowledge

Being based in the South West we make it our mission to make local businesses around the area standout from their competitors. We have strong tides to the South West and know the area very well and understand the online marketing better than anyone else. Once you have joined the Run It Up Media brand you become part of the family.

Hit Us Up To Get A Quote

There’s nothing we like more than doing a little evaluation and digging deep into a businesses web presence. 

Our team will take a look at your overhall website and connected profiles to give them a little health check and see if they are performing in the best possible way.

I needed help to gain search result rankings, I was delighted with the fast results and professional service I received!William Jones - Director for Plumber talk forum